Friday, 15 August 2014

And then there were three...

Blair and I are thrilled that we are expecting our first child together, due March 2015.

This will be a long one - best make yourself comfortable.

Despite all the signs, I never really thought I was pregnant until I heard the words from the doctor.

I didn't even do a home pregnancy test before we went for the blood test.  When I spoke to the clinic to get the results I was totally unprepared, which seems ridiculous considering how long we'd been waiting for that news.

When the woman said, "Yes... I have some good news..." it took several moments for it to sink in.  She said, "You're very pregnant."  Possibly the best thing I have ever heard.

I said, "Oh my god".  I broke out in a joyful sweat (nice).  I had the good sense to grab a pen and write down the things she told me to do because there was no way I would have remembered once I got off the phone.

I was fairly far along when we found out, so it was amazing to go back over the previous weeks and realise all the things I had done while I was pregnant and I didn't know it.  That wine tour.  The weekend my six-months-pregnant sister came to visit.  That hardcore PT session where we did sprints, and my trainer told me that if I got pregnant, not to do sprints.

That night I got crabby that people assumed I must have taken up crochet because I was pregnant.  I griped to Blair, couldn't I just start a new hobby without the pregnancy brigade constantly on my back?

And I really had no idea.

I feel like I'm still absorbing the news, and sometimes it re-hits me all over again.  I'm going to have a BABY.  WHUT.

Do you know how long 12 weeks is?  

For secret-keeping, it is a VERY LONG TIME INDEED.  

It has been a daily struggle to keep this under my hat, to not even tell my parents.  Lots of people tell their parents early on (after all, you would expect their support in the event of a miscarriage) but I had my heart set on doing it in person.  I wanted to see their faces.  

Luckily, months ago I had planned a trip to Adelaide in late August which serendipitously (is that even a word?) coincided with the 12-week mark.

Then it was just a matter of buttoning my lip until that time...  And there were plenty of testing moments.

Two days after we got the news, my dad asking if there was any news on any "Cowlettes" coming into the world.  I couldn't even think what I would normally say to that question.

One of the girls at work telling me she's pregnant, and me wanting to squeal ME TOOOO.  But somehow not doing it.

Trying to think of what to write about on here that isn't babybabybabybabybaby.  Now you know why it's been so quiet around here!

Going from being a cold-hearted snake to an emotional wreck who cries at things like iPhone ads and animal memes.  Also dogs waiting outside shops for their owners.  Also a couple of episodes of Friends.

Plunging into the misery of morning sickness, and going off my food to the point of not even wanting bacon.  Some days, being unable to even bend over to empty the dishwasher without gagging.  Or sitting with Blair at yum cha, when I would normally be hoovering dumplings like a piglet, just sipping tea and feeling YUCK.

Avoiding work drinks, drinks with friends, AVOID ALL THE DRINKING EVENTS.

Secretly creating a "Maternity" and a "Baby" board on Pinterest, and un-hiding all my friends' boards of the same type that I had hidden months ago.

Becoming the world's flakiest friend who cancels catch-ups because I can't get off the couch due to bone-deep weariness.  

Discovering that life hits me a bit harder now: an hour or two in the garden requires a full afternoon's recovery on the couch.  Also requiring at least six meals a day, all carbs. Not that that is any different from normal, but at least now I have an excuse.

It has been an agonisingly slow wait to finally be able to talk about this publicly.  At the same time, I have enjoyed (literally) carrying around our little secret.  I have wondered for SO LONG what it would feel like to be pregnant.  It has not been the huge physical change that I expected, but instead an immediate and comprehensive emotional change.  I realised very quickly that I will do anything to protect my Squishy.

I am so excited for this new chapter.  It is really amazing how life keeps panning out.

Peas and tommies

YES, more photos of produce from my garden.  It's my blog and I get to decide what I post about.

The End.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Ah, Sunday

I think Sunday is probably my favourite day of the week.

There are obligations, chores and responsibilities every other day of the week, but Sunday I like to keep free for the important task of Pottering Around the House.  Preferably in my best dag-city tracksuit pants, polar fleece jumper and of course my Birkinstocks with socks.  Shut up.  It's comfortable.  It's my Sunday best.  Sometimes I even go to the shops like that.

Today I woke up feeling quite motivated which means GARDEN TIIIIME.  I planted out seedlings, repotted some things and got some other new things into the front yard.  I was quite proud of my stoicism achieving all I did even in spite of a nasty gash I sustained yesterday stupidly using the mandolin slicer without the guard.  NEVER DO THAT.  Just ask my thumb.  This is a lesson you should only need to learn once.

This guy, also a fan of Sundays
After I was finished outside, I actually dragged out the never-ending quilt project and safety pinned it all, ready for quilting!  So close to being finished!!  My wounded thumb let it be known that it did not enjoy the pinning AT ALL, so we'll leave the quilting portion for another day when I'm not liable to bleed all over the damn thing.  Still, progress is progress.  I'll have it finished by next winter no worries.  Probably.

For lunch I made an AMAZEBALLS spaghetti arrabiatta (not sure that I'm spelling that correctly, spell check wants to change it to Arabian which is definitely not correct).  I could have eaten about another three platefuls so it's lucky I only made one because, piggy.  Lucky I wear stretchy pants on Sundays.

This afternoon I picked some peas, put a fresh bandaid on thumb, and settled down on the couch with a SATC DVD marathon and a hot milo.

Sunday, you're my favourite!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

The blog is not dead! ...It's just really really quiet

I'm still here!

Life has just been carrying on in its nice easy rhythm.  Which is nice, but doesn't give me much to blog about.  Since winter has set in I've also become very slack about taking my camera out which also reduces the blogging opportunities.

This morning I shook myself out of my rut and grabbed the camera as we headed out the door for breakfast.  And boy am I pleased I did.

That early morning light on the ocean is just captivating.  We haven't been down to the beach in ages and I'd forgotten how soothing for the soul it is.  I cannot wait for the day when we live by the ocean.

Look at all those crazy mofos in the water

I think I might get this printed as a giant sticker and turn one of the walls in my house into an ocean mural

It was coooold by the sea so we headed inland.  It's been so wet this winter so it was nice to soak up the sunshine for once.

I took these while I was waiting for Blair to finish up with the quack -er I mean, the chiropractor!

The garden is producing more than ever, with bumper crops of broccoli, peas and chillies.  Not sure what happened to the potatoes this year but we only got a handful.  I blame Blair.  No reason.  Just because someone has to be at fault.

For lunch today I made gnocchi with homemade pesto (with basil from our own garden!) while Blair dug the garden in preparation for the next lot of crops.  They better not fail, Blair!

I've been baking muffins and have been steadily hooking my way through a few crochet projects.

Life is very good.  It kind of reminds me of an old Gene Kelly standard.

Oh, I've got rhythm
I've got music
I've got my man
Who could ask for anything more?

*Edited to add: my sister just rang to tell me this is a very Pollyanna blog.  It's pretty pukesville isn't it.  Whatever happened to all my Pointless Fury?

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Arty Farty: Clarice Beckett

My latest crush of the arty farty variety is Clarice Beckett.  I'm OBSESSED, people.

I just love the dreamy, hazy quality of her paintings.  The light!  The impressionistic, minimal style.  I have walked down that dusty road to the sea, I've gazed shivering at those lights across the water and I've stood in that tranquil pink sunrise.

My extensive research* tells me that although she was celebrated for her still life work and her talent for portraiture, her favourite thing to paint was landscapes.


*Visiting her Wikipedia page

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Crafty Minx

I've never been a naturally crafty person, although I did learn to knit and to sew at school (albeit with limited success).  When I was a teenager I regularly plundered my mum's fabric stash to make my raver outfits.  I really am sorry about that, by the way Mum.

In the past couple of years I've turned my hand to quilting (the poor quilt is still shoved in the back of the cupboard waiting to be edged, backed and finished), crochet, more sewing, to knitting and, finally, back to crochet.

My first ever foundation ring!
For some reason this week I again picked up my crochet hook, determined to try one last time to master single crochet blocks and the granny square.  I quickly surprised myself by chaining fluidly (if not entirely evenly) and then hooked my way through a square of single crochet in no time.  I had to hold it up for a moment in disbelief.  I guess the subconscious mind really does work on things when you're not paying attention.

First granny square
That was on Monday.

On Tuesday night, while Blair cooked dinner, I sat down with Pip's crochet lessons to attempt a granny square.  I decided that no matter how wobbly or hopeless it looked, I would finish the square.  No dramatic flinging of the crochet hook this time.  And lo and behold, I produced a quite passable square during one episode of Big Bang Theory*.  One Wednesday night I added another two squares.

I now have a pile of granny squares, looking very much like the beginnings of a blanket.

And last night, after a LOT of ripping out and re-starting, I fumbled my way through a wobbly but unmistakable square of shell stitch in my cute new multicoloured yarn.  I can see a shell-stitch cowl (just like this one!) in my future.

I'm cautious to say that I'm a confirmed crocheter or anything (previous abandoned craft projects cough*quilt*cough hanging over my head) but let's just see what happens.  Certainly I'm enjoying myself immensely.  As it's been pointed out many times before, there is something really nice about slowing right down, concentrating on what you're doing, and creating something from your very own hands.

You could say I'm... HOOKED...!!

*I'm not a fan of Big Bang Theory, my husband is, but when I'm concentrating on crochet I don't have much say in the TV channel

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Wine Tour

Yesterday was my friend Rachael's wine tour.  We took a bus through the Perth hills and visited two wineries and a cider..y?  What do you call a place they make cider?

The theme of the day was "Infamous" and there were some truly excellent costumes.  It was a fantastic day and I had a lot of laughs.  I didn't know anyone on the tour except Rachael, and they all knew each other, which was a huge gamble as it's never fun sitting there alone while everyone else has a rip-roaring good time.  But in fact I never skipped a beat.  The only problem was I couldn't keep everyone's names straight so I had to keep calling them by their costume names: Zorro, Conchita (Wurst), Courtney (Love), Rhonda (and Ketut), and so on.

We started the day at Hainault Vineyard in the morning which was just gorgeous.  I've never been to the Perth hills before and it turns out they're beautiful.  Who knew!!  It reminded me a lot of the Adelaide Hills, especially in the crisp early winter sunshine.

Bring on the drinking, I mean tasting.

Joan of Arc and Corey Worthington in one photo, bet that's never been done before.  On the right, Ketut, the Wolf of Wall Street and Hei...den…berger…?? - someone from Breaking Bad anyway.
Britney Spears takes a photo of Zena Warrior Princess and her sidekick Gabrielle (I think)

My favourite costume of the day: Conchita Wurst.  It goes to show that if you're pretty enough, even facial hair is no hindrance.

After Hainault, we went to Core Cider House in Pickering Brook which was even more picturesque than Hainault, if that's possible.  The ciders were delicious; there was a lemon one which everyone else hated but I loved.  I seem to recall that I, ahem, drank any that people didn't want.  Low point, Prue, major low point.

We also had lunch here which consisted of pork sliders, salt and pepper squid and something else I can't recall.  Must have been all the ill-gotten lemon cider erasing my memory.

Marie Antoinette found the orchard most pleasing
Meanwhile, the Wolf of Wall Street branches out into some manual labour 
Rachael's friend works at Core so we got a private tour of the orchard which was very cool.  I can't remember any of the stuff we learned though.  Damn those lemon ciders!!

We got to go in the… shed… thing and see the... vats?  stills?  The things that the cider goes into.  Wow this is extremely informative.  I hope you're taking notes.

After Core we moved onto Carldenn which is a small family operated winery.  I wasn't a huge fan of the wines but the port was very good I remember thinking.  Things were getting preeetty jovial by this stage of the day, hence not many photos taken at Carldenn.

We finished the day back at Rachael's for a couple (more) drinks.

I didn't even realise that the Perth hills was a wine region at all so it was great to experience something other than the usual Swan Valley wines.  I tried and enjoyed plenty of wines that I wouldn't normally even look at.  My palate matures all the time.

And of course there's that lemon cider which frankly I wouldn't mind a bit of right now.