Friday, 19 July 2013

Switching Off

Do you ever think about deleting your online presence?

I'm a very happy participant in all that the internet and social media has to offer.  I've never really been one for forums but Facebook, Instagram, Blogger and, to a lesser extent, Twitter and Pinterest are all my friends.

When Facebook first introduced status updates I jumped right in (I think my first ever status was "Prue is enjoying talking about herself in the third person".  Hello, HILARIOUS!) and updated obsessively.  I spent most of the day composing witty statuses in my head.  Whatever I was doing, I had an internal dialogue that commenced each sentence with "Prue is..." which didn't leave a lot of room for other thoughts.

When we were overseas earlier this year, I was conscious of ensuring that I put the damn camera down sometimes and just lived in the moment.

Recently I was talking to one of my friends about this blog and she said "I admire how much you are able to share with strangers.  I could never put that much of myself online", or words to that effect.  It got me thinking about my online life and how big a part of my real life it is.  There's plenty that I don't talk about online and I think it's really important not to share everything.

This comment from my friend, who doesn't even have Facebook (what is she, Amish?), also got me thinking about how freeing it would be to remove myself from the internet.  She said "I try to leave as small a footprint online as possible" which I thought was an interesting comment and frankly it sounds very appealing in some ways.

No more blog, no more Facebook, no more gramming or pinning or tweets.  Sweet freedom!  But then, no more online friendships, no more Facebook newsfeed, no more place to vent my spleen and no more reason to photograph my food and my cat.

Without even being aware that I do it, I already think carefully about eveything I post and whether I'm happy to put it out there.  I also think about the people around me, the people mentioned in my online life and whether they would be okay with me putting it out there. 

When it comes down to it, I am comfortable with what I share.

While the idea of disconnecting appeals to me hypothetically speaking, it's not for me.  Superficial connections or not, I enjoy connecting with people online.  I like the blogging community and I like being able to keep up with my IRL friends' news on Facebook.

There may come a time when I do switch off, but for now you're stuck with me.

How do you feel about sharing your life online?  If you're a sharer like me, do you ever think about pulling back?

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  1. How funny - I remember my first Facebook status with the compulsory 'is'. Mine was 'Emma is currently addicted to green tea.' !!

    This is something I'm always mindful of as well, particularly with sharing things that involve friends/family. But YES - the sense of community and the way the offline and online worlds interlace and complement each other is a wonderful thing.


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