Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Pointless Fury: Hashtags

Do you know what's annoying the crap out of me now?


Now that everyone, EVERYONE, is using the hashtag, the new best joke for the internet is the humorous hashtag.  Back when they were used on Twitter and Tumblr and pretty much nowhere else, I used to think humorous hashtags (the humashtag?) were pretty funny, and I may have executed some myself.

Nowadays, they've gone the way of planking where everyone including your grandmother knows what it is - not necessarily what it's FOR - and therefore I declare that it is time for the witty hashtag to go to the place where internet memes go to die.

This is especially true because I've just finished reading Brandi Glanville's book (judge away, Judgy McJudgerson!) and she has put. Hashtags. In her book.


I don't have a problem with funny hashtags per se, just the trying-really-hard-to-be-hilarious ones.

Here's a tip: putting # in front of a sentence doesn't make it any funnier.


  1. Emma Ringer21/1/14 8:51 pm

    Gah - and what about the hashtags that don't even have a # in front! itsnotahashtagbutImgonnatreatitlikeoneanyway superannoyingasareader #okillusethehasgtagandmakeitlegit

  2. Emma Ringer21/1/14 8:54 pm

    #sorry about that hashranting below...

  3. Not at all - I COMPLETELY agree with you. Very rarely, they're quite funny and add something to the photo, but mostly they're annoying and stupid AND POINTLESSSSS

  4. ha ha...So true. I throw the odd one in on instagram cos thats what you suppose to do right??? I think I am showing signs of my age though as I always begin doing these things when they are old and over and the next phase is probably happening and i dont even know what it is yet..ha ha. My brother has a great knack for the # concept and I find im always laughing at his hashtags. Though the # on google+ is very handy indeed to find like minded topics and people. p.s Always a stirrer on the cat front. They are lovely pics of your cat. :)


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