Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Dame of Roma

Oh my goodness.

I just stumbled across my old blog from when I was living in Roma in Queensland in 2011.

To begin with I was pretty good at writing regularly, and then a lot of stuff happened in my personal life which I couldn't/wouldn't write about on the blog and I sort of lost interest.

Reading back over it now, it's a shame I didn't maintain my enthusiasm for it.  It's a great reminder of an amazing year when my life took several twists and turns, and I'm glad it's still on the internet somewhere.

If you're interested, the blog is here:  Blair even makes an appearance in the very last post!


  1. It's always interesting when you stumble across something from your past! Just had a quick peruse through your old blog, your tattoo looks amazing!

  2. That is one huuuuuge tat! Definetley get a good idea of your snake phobia. You so funny!!

  3. I had a very enjoyable hour scrolling back through the old posts and remembering it all. There are so many things that you forget over time, it's great to have a reminder there.

  4. Yeah I think I went with the theory "go big or go home". The best part was all the major respect I got from the bikies in the tattoo shop who were impressed that it was my first tattoo

  5. Emma Ringer7/2/14 7:42 am

    Love the tattoo! Have you had any more work done? Oh - and someone else I know of who has been to Quilpie!! And Thargomindah! Ha! Gosh there's some funny little places out there.

  6. I've since had the tattoo coloured in, but no new work. I'm starting to feel that "itch" again though! Oh yes I spent a LOT of time driving up and down the highway to some very remote places. Thargo was the furthest I ever went, and I didn't take a single photo while I was there, fool! I never made it to Eromanga which I would have loved to see.

  7. No - I've never even heard of it!


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